Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Twin Cities Free Market

Super cool new find. Twin Cities Free Market. You list things you don't want and things you do want and so do other re-users and you get together to give and get.

I responded to a listing for some cloth diapers this morning. There are so many things on this list, even things like counter tops and cabinets left over from remodeling projects, cedar fencing, basketball hoops, grills, empty coffee cans, furniture, etc...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Little Doll

Ingrit's first professional portraits. She would NOT smile!

Watch out Karl's mom!

Ingrit is now officially riding along in a Maya wrap. I got some pointers from a woman at the attachment parenting meet-up last week. We just got back from grocery shopping. It went really well. Ingrit is now starting to want to grab everything she sees. The Maya wrap kept her far enough away from things for me to relax and close enough for her to feel in the action. And she does like the action.
Grandma W stopped by last night (and woke up baby!! jk) and Ingrit reached for her and smiled. It was pretty darn cute.
Another first for Ingers this week--she can sit unsupported, if she wants to, for a couple of seconds. I suspect she could roll over onto her tummy now, but she has no desire to do that.
Let's see, she's also playing the guitar. Yep, Daddy fingers the chords and Ingers strums with her feet. She grabs the strings with her hands, so she's learning on her toes first.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Culinary Art

The "greener" I get, the GREENER Ingrit gets. Little Girl loves her some spinach and butternut squash puree!

Grandpa and Grandma Herfel came over for lunch on Thursday and got to see Ingrit really chow down. She lets me feed her for awhile and then she'll grab the spoon to do it herself. Very independent this one's going to be.

By Thanksgiving she should be able to have some turkey with us. And cranberries. And sweet potatoes. And oh my...she's just a growing person.

Ingrit had her 6 month well baby check up and she looks like a million bucks. The doctor said so. She's 27" long (88th percentile) and 15 lb 9 oz (38th percentile). We go to see the kidney specialist again on 11/11 for an ultrasound and check in. We're hoping her urinary retention has just disappeared. That's likely to be the case. (Prenatal tests showed fluid retention in one kidney and dilation. At 4 weeks she had a major day of testing and it appeared at that time not to be affecting her. I think the doctor used the term "stretchy kidney." He wasn't worried, but he did want us back for testing in 6 months.)