Monday, July 27, 2009

15 Month Well Baby

22lb 140z
32 7/8"

This makes weight right around 50th percentile and her height right around 98th.

She's progressing very well on all fronts.

Doc and med student were impressed that she can go to the bookshelf and get the book we ask for by name. They predicted that she'll have a big language burst by the time her 18 month check in comes up.

We'll see! So glad to have such a happy, healthy, (advanced!) little girl on our hands.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sourdough and Swimming

Made my first sourdough today. Turned out great!

Ingers spent the afternoon swimming in the yard and finding things to put in the pool. Sticks float. Buckets full of water are heavy. It's fun to sit in your yard chair with your feet hanging in the water.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Kay, so it started out that Ingrit was learning to blow on her hot food, but when she does it she whistles!

Girl's whistling...pretty cool Land Ing!

Long Lake Park--I'm Looking for my Friends, I'm looking for you! Hey, there's Ingrit! Watch what she can do!

The family went geocaching at Long Lake Park last weekend. Ingrit's becoming quite the park connoisseur. She's super excited to see kids, slides, tunnels and climbing stuff. When we find the caches she gets excited to see what's in them and often picks out her own swag--toy zebra might be the best find yet.

We're getting ready for Herfel Family vacation up in Cable, WI next week. Last summer Ingrit was just 3 1/2 months old when we were there, so this summer should be quite a different experience for all of us. She'll still be sleeping in a play yard, but she'll be walking and going in the lake and sharing ice cream cones in town and telling Grandpa and Grandma H all of her new jokes. She might even be following her cousins around! We're all looking forward to a week up north in the woods with family.

Nowadays Ingrit pretends to read. She points to words make souns like she's sounding out what they say. She'll also "read" a book to you if you ask her. Still not much English coming out of that baby, but boy does she understand a lot! She can point out body parts like a pro--even on animals in books. "Where's the monkey's toes?" She also will hear words and go get books with those words. She'll grab "Goodnight Moon" when someone says "Goodnight." Loves to read.

Two weekends ago we spent the day out at G and G W's house. Ingrit splashed around in her wading pool, gave hugs and kisses to the people and the dogs and ate her first whole fresh peach. Mmmm. Juice ran everywhere and I've never seen someone enjoy a peach so much!

If any adult enjoyed anything as much as Ingrit likes just about everything, they'd be loopy happy. And generally considered quite nuts I'm thinking.

One more funny thing Ingrit's doing lately. When she sees a kid or someone she knows or Jack or PJ, she holds out her pointer finger and shouts, "Hey!" I think she's doing it like "Sid the Science Kid" does. It's super funny. Okay, one more thing, the telephone. Always fascinated by it, now the Ingers holds it up to her ear and says, "hi".

Monday, July 13, 2009

We like to play at the park. We like to eat pizza. We like to run and climb.

Ingrit waited until May 9th to really start walking, but then she TOOK OFF! And didn't look back.

Oh, yeah! I forgot to add that Mommy made this funny little blue suit that Baby's sporting-with help from Grandma W of course!

Sunday, July 12, 2009