Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Geocaching Ingrit and Family

Ingrit is incredibly busy! And affectionate. Hugs and kissess all around...but especially for her animal friends. She gave Teddy a big kiss this weekend and got a mouth full of dog tongue. Oh well. They say dog mouths are cleaner than people mouths, right?

We discovered a new game to play. We're geocaching. Check out geocaching.com. Super fun. We've found 6 so far. It's a treasure hunt that we thought would be a great family hobby. So far so good. Ingrit seemed to dig being in the woods.

Boy, though, she is too heavy for my baby wraps and the stroller was impossible to push through the woods and up and down rooty hills. Guess we'll be in the market for a garage sale baby back pack carrier thing soon.

We spent the weekend out at G and G W's while they were out of town. We house and dog sat and went geocaching with Jack. He's still super worn out. He doesn't like to let on that he's lazy in front of the younger dog, but he's beat now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sleep, Glorious Sleep!!

I almost forgot the biggest change for Ingers this month. She's sleeping!!! In her own bed!!!

She lays down awake, by herself. We often hear her chatting up her pals, but she's been staying in her crib and sleeping throuh the night!

She gets up betwen 730 and 830. I used to take her to bed with me then, but starting today, I'm having her get up and have breakfast at the table right away instead. With David home this is going better than I expected. He will get up with her and distract her and then I can catch a few more winks before joining the world.
Wow!! Just realized how few pictures there of a sleeping Lady Ing!

12 Months Stuff Ingers is Up To

At twelve months, Ingrit's really learning to get around. She started really walking on 5/8, the day before Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day our little family went down to Como Zoo. It was Ingrit's first time there. She loved the lion best of all it seemed. She was really talking up a storm to him. He continued his bath. We had a picnic. It was nice. David and Ingrit got me some tile cutters and grout. Oh, I've got plans.

Last weekend on Saturday we all went to Art A Whirl--a huge art festival in nordeast. We only got through one building--must have been 100 studios in it. Ingrit seemed to really enjoy some of the art. She was pretty excited about some of it. She carried her maracas and danced to the music playing in some studios.

On Sunday we went to an art and farm festival at an organic bed and breakfast farm. That was a venue dear to Ingers little heart. We got to pet goats, chickens, a pony and a cow. Plus there were tons of dogs there to pet. She very clearly said "doggy". And now she's added it to her repertoire.

New signs came out on Sunday too. I saw her sign "bird" for the first time. And it was super cool when I realized she was signing "fish" at a pond!

Signs--milk, more, all done, eat, bird, fish, monkey,

Words--If you ask Ingrit to find an animal she knows--cat, dog, duck, bird, monkey, bunny, horse, goat, sheep, fish, cow, etc...she knows a bunch! She'll find one. She might go to her books and page through until she finds the right animal. She remembers what's in each book. Or she'll go find a toy of that animal. When she finds the money she'll sign monkey too.

Ingrit loves to play in her sandbox from G&G Herfel. The other day it was so windy, when she picked up the lid the wind picked her up! The lid was like a sail. She looked a little surprised, but unscathed when she landed.

At her 12 month check up, Ingrit weighed 19lb 15oz. Just right.

At her 12 month kidney check in, the doctor said he's not concerned, things are heading in the right direction. We can wait until she's two to come back in for more follow up. Hopefully by then there won't be anything to follow up on.

One Year Old

Ingrit celebrated her One Year Old Party on the day after her birthday, Saturday, Arpil 25th. We invited a couple of friends with kids and the grandparents. It was really nice. Low key, played in the park, ate cake and sloppy joes.

Some favorite presents--

toy radio

toy camera

school bus

little people farm



Walking--Ingrit took a few steps the week leading up to her birthday, but crawling remained her method of transportation

Eating--Girl eats everything! Ingrit's not picky at all; she loves her fruit and veggies, loves pasta w/sauces, loves cottage cheese, yogurt milk. A favorite is still soy beans.

Talking--pretty much "Mom" "Daddy" and sounds we think are words, but not sure what they mean

Signing-- more, all done, milk