Saturday, August 29, 2009

State Fair and Family Visits

The great MN get together had a new visitor this year--The Ingers. David, Ingrit and I just got home from Ingrit's 2nd visit this week. Turns out she loves Spam Curds. I am such a bad mom for knowing that. Blame David though. I actually brought a healthy pasta salad with tuna for her lunch, but once Dave let her try his Spam Curds it was all over. She also dug on some chocolate malt from the dairy building and some buffalo chips from the food building.

Other things she really liked included the miracle of birth building. She liked the baby chicks. We all did some people watching.

Ingrit's first visit to the fair was Thursday with Grammie and Auntie Kathy. That day was the first time she ever went on a ride, the merry go round. At first she screamed and flung herself around my neck like a little shrieking monkey. And that was before the ride began.

Today Ingrit loved the merry go round and was all smiles.

Let's see another first--Ingrit's first pony tail. It's on top of her head and looks very silly and great. She went to her first family reunion last Sunday. She got a wagon from a friend of mine at work and loves to pull it around and go for rides in it down to the park.

Ingrit's saying "knee" now and "eye".

I'm so faired out that I'm having trouble thiking of anything else.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Vacation

Ingrit and family vacationed up in Cable this year with the Herfel/Houser clan. Ingrit really seemed to love that she could wake up in the morning and within seconds be in grandma's arms only to an hour later be following Grandpa around. She really got to know her cousins and aunt and uncle too. She knew everyone's name and seemed to do some bonding.

Ingrit had her first boat ride. She also drove a little car around. She took a ride a Grandpa's hog, okay, not really, but she sat on it with him--in her WI Badgers outfit. Needless to say, I think Ingrit might possibly have been Grandpa's very favorite person that day.

Very relaxing trip. David fished with his dad. It was so fun to have our little person running around under foot.

Ingrit got a serious kick out of running out on the dock and shouting "duck". We were feeding them bread so they did come when she called them.